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Don't underestimate the value of a systematic approach to onboarding your employees.
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What is employee onboarding?

Your candidate just signed the contract - well done. Now the onboarding starts. And no - it's more than just the first day intro at work.

Onboarding is the period from hiring to the employee has started in the position and all the way until he or she has is considered to have acquired the necessary knowledge and behaviour in order to be a fully functioning and integrated member of your organization.

How to onboard a new employee?

  • Create a structure and a onboarding plan preferrably with some measurable goals. The goals could be related to increase retention rates or maybe the employee satisfaction. Having a structure in place means you can reuse the same template for new hires in the future. (LessAdmin can help you in this regards) This can then be adjusted as you see fit depending on how your goals are progressing or based on general feedback.
  • Use automation technology to save time and to simplify the process. Not only does it save you a lot of headache and manual processes, but it will be much easier to involve the whole organization as the automated software will assign tasks as the onboarding progresses. LessAdmin will be of great help here.
  • For suggestions on detailed steps, check out our checklist.

Why employee onboarding is important

Studies have shown that onboarding and socialization leads to "positive outcomes for new employees" according to Wikipedia. These outcomes are increased job satisfaction, better performance, reduced stress and increased retention. Research shows that a good introduction process makes new hires being 29 times more likely to feel satisfied in their work situation.

So in other words, you have everything to gain having a good onboarding process in place.

Unfortunately still too few companies provides a systematic approach to onboarding. That is one of the reasons we created LessAdmin.

Remote workers and teams need proper onboarding

  • Remote workers need to be included - more than others
    Working offsite away from co-workers means it's more important than ever to include them in a common shared experience of how it should be in your company.
  • Bring people togheter
    A centralized HR software system means you'll have the possibility to reflect your culture and make everyone feel part of your organization - no matter where they work from
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Why we built LessAdmin

We've been there - spending hours on tedious administrative tasks. Trying to manage employees and culture while scaling and being profitable at the same time. It becomes crazy without the right tool.

As fellow founders and small business owners we know that what you want and need is to focus on building your business - not unnecessary administration. That is why we built LessAdmin.
"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."