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It's not easy to handle entire teams that work remotely or that spends most of the working week working from home. But there are ways to make life easier for the entire organization. And the first step is to get organized.

Main challenges of working remotely

According to different surveys the biggest struggle for teams and remote workers are among other things:

  • Struggle to collaborate and communicate (20%)
  • Lonliness (20%)
  • Staying motivated (7%)
  • Taking vacation time & remember to unplug (5% & 18%)

For managers the biggest challenge of managing remote workers are:

How to improve remote working and managing remote teams with LessAdmin?

To build a strong company culture where everyone feel part of the organization you first of all need to have a clear vision of what you want to achieve. That plan should always have in mind how remote workers can feel as much part of the organization as on-premise employees.

Make a plan to achieve your goal and use it actively

What kind of organization do you want to have? What areas should you focus on? What routines do you want to have in place. Where do you see current gaps etc. Then put it down into a document and share it, live it and breath it.

All your documents related to internal policies, culture and plans like  employee handbooks and company guides can be accessed in the intranet-section.

Make an internal communication plan

Publish regular company updates and announcements to let everyone feel included and that they feel informed about what is going on. Make sure that your internal communication ties everyone together and that you work towards a common goal.

Share calendars and time-offs

Let everyone know when they are away or have planned vacations. Have teams working abroad? Share the holidays and calendars from those countries so the whole organization knows when there are bank holidays and people are away.

Celebrate together!

You'll always see who has a birthday or anniversary. So be sure to celebrate also remote employees. Maybe send them a treat on special occasions and make them feel part of the team.

Give new remote workers a special onboarding

When working remotely you might not need all the physical onboarding that on premise employees requires, but that doesn't mean they should be ignored. Try to make an effort to have a process that is just as thorough as you would normally have. First impression is important - try to take advantage of it. While we're at it, why not also offer a good offboarding when that time comes.

Have proper career follow ups and development plans

Remote or not: to keep everyone motivated and make sure they feel are part of your long term plans you need to schedule regular development plan meetings and reviews.

Offer good benefits for everyone

It's easy to focus on local perks and benefits and forget that many might not be able to take part in those since they work remote permanently og part time. So make sure that perks can be enjoyed by everyone without distinction. Maybe have some special benefits for remote employees to weigh up the disadvantage of not being on premise.

Time to embrace your remote employees !

  • A good internal company platform is vital for remote workers
    Managing remote workers and people at home offices doesn't have to be difficult. We've been there and that is why we built LessAdmin - a system that easily can integrate team members no matter where they are located.
Improved team communication

Integrate with your team chat software and email service

LessAdmin lets you publish announcements in your intranet - soon they can be integrated with other communication tools that you use.
and many more coming!
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Fair pricing

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Great Support all the way

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Why we built LessAdmin

We've been there - spending hours on tedious administrative tasks. Trying to manage employees and culture while scaling and being profitable at the same time. It becomes crazy without the right tool.

As fellow founders and small business owners we know that what you want and need is to focus on building your business - not unnecessary administration. That is why we built LessAdmin.
"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."