No more drive files, paper & scattered documents

Small business intranet made easy

Your small company deserves a special place for common information

Let everyone be in the know!

Now you can let everyone in the company have immediate access to all the documents and info they need.

Intranet is about sharing... and caring

One of the challenges of any organization is to let everyone stay informed and up to date about what's happening and the latest initiatives.

Sure - you can use e-mail, Slack channels, shared folders on Google Drive and Office 365 OneDrive. Problem is that they were never made to work as a fully functioning intranet. And as you grow and the difficulty of keeping everyone up to date is becoming harder and harder, the more complex the task becomes.

Intranet as a term popped up a few years ago and might seem like an archaic expression if it hadn't been that is is still so incredibly useful and relevant. Just imagine having a private, secure place where you keep information that is only available and accessible for the employees in your organization.

Share the company absence calendar with everyone

The benefits of using LessAdmin as your intranet

  • Increase employee engagement - keep track of all aspects of the organization, from news and updates to birthdays and events. Leadership can more easily stay connected to the rest of the organization & departments can give updates
  • Increase collaboration and transparency - let everyone see when others are away or have a vacation planned. Individuals can share knowledge with others.
  • Clarity of your organization - keep track of the latest changes in the organization with integrated organization charts and always have a centralized contact list.
  • Increase performance - In order for employees to thrive, they need a clear expectation about their role and a clear vision about the company's purpose and mission.
  • Manage knowledge - Control documents, handbooks and policies. Upload your own documents or integrate with tools you already use such as Google Drive/ Workspace or Microsoft.
  • Business processes - provide the latest manuals, playbooks, instructions to all employees.
  • Welcome new employees - with custom onboarding workflows you can stream line training and the welcome process.
  • Increase your brand values
  • Improved compliance & GDPR

Perfect for distributed knowledge in remote teams

  • Knowledge sharing is more important than ever
    It's not easy to build a common company culture and a well-knit team. Sharing updated information is the key to a well functioning team
  • United across time zones, countries and cultures
    No matter where people are based, intranet works as a central hub that brings the company together.
    Integrated calendars make sure that everyone knows about public holidays in other countries and when people are away.

Integrate your with the tools you already use

Share files using the platforms you already use and integrate them into LessAdmin. No need to move files. (Coming soon!)
and many more coming!
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Pick and choose the functionality that suits your needs

Pay for only what you need

Why fork out for something that you don't use?

Fair pricing

If you have 10 or 100 users, you only pay for the exact number of users.

Great Support all the way

Stuck? We know the feeling. We'll make you unstuck!

Why we built LessAdmin

We've been there - spending hours on tedious administrative tasks.
As fellow founders and small business owners we know that what you want and need is to focus on building your business.
That is why we built LessAdmin.
"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."