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Employee directory &  database
Internal announcements
Documents & contracts
Leave & absence planner
Onboarding of new employees
Offboarding of leavers
Employee benefits
Shared documents / routines library
Mobile friendly
Birthday & celebration reminders
International calendar with public holidays
Rewards marketplace deals & offers

What's in it for you?

Quite a lot!

For business owners & founders

  • Get a great HR tool to keep track and manage all your employees. Ditch that spreadsheet!
  • Save thousands on great deals and offers on business software, products and services. Your employees get access to free perks & discounts.
  • Promote & market your own products and services in the deals marketplace. Increase sales and visibility to other companies and their employees!

For employees

  • Finally a great tool to get easy overview of time offs and approvals and other HR related activities.
  • Finally access to some perks & benefits other than free coffee!
  • A wealth of styles and elements makes Ollie perfect for building websites for small, medium and large businesses.
"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."