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Employee onboarding checklist

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The Easy Checklist for proper employee onboarding

Obviously this is just an example to get you started. In LessAdmin you can easily set this up and to make it easier we've already made one for you!

If you haven't seen our tips and reasons for a good process, have a look at the employee onboarding page first.

Four steps to onboarding happiness:

  1. Before starting
  2. The very first day
  3. The first week
  4. First six months

1. Before starting

There are several things that should happen before a user starts in the job.

  • You need to make sure all paperwork has been completed (depending on your setup and geographic location): contracts and other new hire forms
  • Organize computer or other necessary work equipment, mobile phone (if required)
  • Arrange access to software systems, employee portals
  • Setup email-account and drive access
  • Arrange & plan deskspace
  • Agree on starting date, time and place
  • Other instructions (dress code, lunch arrangements etc.)
  • 'Workplace Buddy'. Agree with someone to support and take care of the new hire in the beginning. This would most naturally be someone in the same team or similar.
  • Prepare a welcome package: A copy of employee handbook and other playbooks as necessary. Personalized contents. Welcome gift(?). Order other office stationary, business cards etc if required
  • Send welcome mail with invite to employee portal where new hire can complete personal information
  • Enroll new employee into payroll and vacation system

2. The first day at work

  • Meet and greet. Tour of the office.
  • Employee should complete all employee data necessary. (LessAdmin will take care of this)
  • Go through workplace policies and practicalities, employee handbook overview.
  • Lunch together

3. The first week

  • Setup one-to-one meetings with key people the employee should get to know and be given an introduction to different departments and what they do.
  • Get introduced into work schedules and team habits.
  • Playbook introduction for their role.

4. The first six months

  • 2 and 4 months check-in. Manager should give and get feedback on performance.How are they doing?
  • Setup regular performance reviews after 6 months. (LessAdmin can do that as well)
  • Include new hire in regular social activity.
  • Continue training for role.

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