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Unlock Exclusive deals & rewards for organisations  within LessAdmin:

LessAdmin customers can  now access valuable deals from our partner network and unlock considerable benefits and great offers.

The marketplace is available from within the LessAdmin-app itself and you can easily sort on different categories.

Many deals focus on software platforms that will enable your organisation to thrive using the best in class tech-solutions. Everything from project management systems, email marketing platforms to security & recruitment systems.

The rewards marketplace - your advantage

Great offers from known providers & ecosystem partners:
Gain access to special deals on essential software and services that propel organisational efficiency.

Curated Perks:
Handpicked rewards that resonate with your organisation's needs and aspirations from several well-known brands.

Seamless Integration:
Our user-friendly platform allows you to effortlessly manage and distribute perks within your organisation.

Got anything your business would like to offer in the Marketplace?

LessAdmin customers can apply to promote their own product to other organisations using the platform.

Just remember it should be of benefit to others and you'd need to offer some sort of special deal or discount to be included.

You can easily apply for your marketplace offer inside the platform.

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Pick and choose the functionality that suits your needs

Pay for only what you need

Why fork out for something that you don't use?

Fair pricing

If you have 10 or 100 users, you only pay for the exact number of users.

Great Support all the way

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Why we built LessAdmin

We've been there - spending hours on tedious administrative tasks. Trying to manage employees and culture while scaling and being profitable at the same time. It becomes crazy without the right tool.

As fellow founders and small business owners we know that what you want and need is to focus on building your business - not unnecessary administration. That is why we built LessAdmin.
"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."