HR software for startups

The HR-needs of startups to that of more established companies, are obviously very different.

Not only is that usually reflected in the number of employees, but also when it comes to the stage of business you’re in.

Once you’ve registered your company you start with a blank slate. Yes, you know what business you’re going to be in, but in terms of building a robust organization that will survive all the ups and downs of startup life, you usually start from scratch.

The most important factor for startup success are the people in it - the humans and the relations. Without building a winning culture you will lose, no matter how good your idea or product is. No organization is better than the people working in it.

Most people and entrepreneurs consider HR as something you should add on when you’ve reached a certain level. But we beg to differ! That is why LessAdmin came into existence. We saw that the struggles of startup-life could be alleviated tenfold by having better systems in place. Systems that could remove and reduce some of the risk factors of sustaining a living and breathing organization. A system that would be able to support the founders and the people around them, support them and help the company succeed.

Previously HR software was built for larger companies or enterprises and priced accordingly. With the advent of new techology it’s possible to reduce the pricing and at the same time add more functionality to better support managers and employees without adding a lot of extra cost.

HR and HR software should be something you add in the very beginning of your journey, not as an afterthought later. It will actually help you to focus more on building a viable business by removing administrative tasks and tedious processes. In the beginning of a new venture you need that extra focus.

LessAdmin is made for small companies and businesses that want to succeed. No need to pay for extra features that you don’t need in an early phase or pay for expensive consultants that you don’t have time to follow up anyway. 

But don’t worry, if you need assistance we’ve teamed up with some great companies that will provide you expert help, and you only pay for that if you actually use it. 

In HR enterprise software you pay for way more than you actually use and the software is often bloated, slow, too complicated and requires support for nearly any new task that you want to achieve. It literally requires a dedicated person or team to run it which adds to the cost.

We say no more - use a software that is actually made for HR their startup needs and wallets.

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"We created LessAdmin to give small businesses the power to manage their workforce with the same efficiency as large corporations, but for a fraction of the cost."