Jul 31, 2020

Recruiting and retaining top talent biggest HR challenge in 2020

In a relatively recent survey this comes out as one major challenge for companies in the coming year.

By surveying 700 HR leaders 30% listed recruiting as a main concern and 51% of the respondents rated this as “extremely challenging”. The survey from XpertHR did not take into consideration the size of the organization, but it’s natural to assume that smaller organizations and startups could have even more difficulties attracting top talent at least when it comes to competing on salaries and benefits.

In another survey from Bullhorn, more than 73% list talent shortage as a main concern.

One solution for many companies will be to offer an attractive place to work. Focusing on building a good working culture and being able to offer benefits is one way to stand out in the crowd, according to XpertHR.

Other upcoming challenges highlighted by the HR-community was employee engagement and satisfaction where 34% highlighted this as ‘extremely challenging’. Employee retention (31%) and managing work/life balance 20%.

Another survey regarding local businesses showed similar trends:

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